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Jack  SimpsonBook Deals by Author Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson is a contributing editor of the Waterways Journal in St. Louis, Missouri. He "retired" from the Journal in 1996 but continues to write weekly editorials. He is owner and president of and J.R. Simpson & Associates, Inc. His company has published historical and technical books for James Swift, Kathy Flippo, The River School, and many others. Click here for details on book publishing. He is the author of The Craving, If Ships Could Talk, and Self-Publish for Profit.

Special 3-Book Package Deal!

3-Book Value Package!
$20.95 for all three books!

The entire 3-book package can be purchased for $20.95 Plus S&H. You save $18.45 off of the original cover price of $39.40! Package includes The Craving, If Ships Could Talk, and Self-Publish for Profit!

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The Craving by Jack Simpson The Craving by Jack Simpsonnew
242 pages. Soft Cover. Fiction. The plot: In a strange twist of fate, Karl Weismann, a nice grandfatherly type man, is afflicted by a strange and terrible malady that has, unknown to him at first, passed down through generations of the males in his family. It is a strange craving that turns this normally upstanding citizen into a crazed killer, and he can’t stop himself. The results turn Ellisville upside down as police search for a growing number of missing people and, ultimately, the killer. Usually same- or second-day shipping!

Our Price:

If Ships Could Talk - by Jack R. Simpson, et al If Ships Could Talk - by Jack R. Simpson, et al
148 pages. Illustrated. Hard cover. River and sea poetry. This 1982 book reflects a time when more rivermen expressed great pride and purpose in their towboating careers. Strong Christian message offers a guide to living. Usually same- or second-day shipping!

Our Price:

Self Publish for Profit Self-Publish for Profit (by avoiding booby traps) by Jack Simpson
176 pages. Soft cover. Nonfiction. Some illustrations. This no-nonsense book, written by an author with more than half a century of experience in journalism, including books, newspapers, magazines and photography as well as publishing, is designed to help would-be authors or those with works in progress avoid the booby traps that can spell disappointment as they try to get their books into print.Usually same- or second-day shipping!

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