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Self Publishing

Publishing Services

There definitely is profit in self-publishing your book, but there are also a lot of booby traps to avoid when making your arrangements with companies who say they can assist you financially with the publication. I can help you avoid the problems. Call me at 314-341-4419 (10am to 10pm CT) to discuss the possibilities. We can publish any kind of book you can find in your local library.

Self-Publish for Profit by Jack SimpsonIn order to assist you with your book-publishing needs, Little River Books owner Jack Simpson has written and published "$elf-Publish For Profit" (by avoiding booby traps). This 176-page book is based on more than 50 years of experience in working with writers, publishers and editors. It makes no difference who you go to in order to get your book published. You still need to calculate the bottom line to see if you will come out ahead or be a loser while the publisher makes money. And they generally do. Click here to read more about the book.

Books we have produced:

Black Hills Byways: Exploring the Back Roads - by J. A. Baumhofer Where The Boats Are And More - by J. A. Baumhofer Where the Boats Are - by J. A. Baumhofer If Ships Could Talk - by Jack R. Simpson Tank Barge Fire Safety - by Steve Thompson, U.S.C.G. Retired Towboat Fire Safety - by S. M. Thompson & W. D. Kline (USCG-Ret.) The River Radar Manual - by Cdr. William D. Kline (USCG-Ret.) Clara Christensen's River Talkin' - by Clara Christensen Backing Hard Into River History - by James V. Swift Between the River and the Rails: South Clinton Beaver Island Remembered - by Kathy Flippo Between the Saints: Louis and Paul - by Kathy Flippo Back to Beaver Island - by Kathy Flippo Regulations Handbook: U.S. Coast Guard Regulations for Uninspected Towing Vessels - by Michael W. Rushing, Todd M. Rushing and Frederik A. Nyhuis, Jr. Mariner’s Guide to the Inland and International Rules - by Capt. Mark Tilford & Cdr. William D. Kline (both USCG-Ret.) Let The Lower Lights Be Burning - by Dean Gabbert A Guide To Lake Boat Watching In Michigan (with some tips for the RV folks) by Herb Hammond Beyond the Bridges-Rediscovering America's Waterways - by Jerry M. Hay A Riverman's Lexicon My Two Sons