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The Craving by Jack Simpson

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The Craving by Jack Simpson The Craving by Jack Simpsonnew
242 pages. Soft Cover. Fiction. The plot: In a strange twist of fate, Karl Weismann, a nice grandfatherly type man, is afflicted by a strange and terrible malady that has, unknown to him at first, passed down through generations of the males in his family. It is a strange craving that turns this normally upstanding citizen into a crazed killer, and he can’t stop himself. The results turn Ellisville upside down as police search for a growing number of missing people and, ultimately, the killer. Usually same- or second-day shipping!

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Admiral by J. Thomas Dunn Admiral by J. Thomas Dunn
The book is here, and we are making deliveries. Keep in mind that it is a limited edition. 180+ pages. Hard cover. Nonfiction. Anecdotes and illustrations galore. Admiral is an exciting new history of the steamboat Admiral from its conversion from the railroad transfer boat Albatross in the mid-1930s through its long history as a St. Louis riverfront cruise boat to its conversion to a riverboat casino and finally to the boneyard after being scrapped about 2011. Hard cover. Dunn’s history offers a glimpse of the history, development land transition during the Admiral’s colorful 75 years. For decades she graced the St. Louis riverfront providing entertainment and memories for tens of thousands (up to 4,000 a night) who came aboard. Dunn, who has worked with St. Louis levee cruise boats for more than 40 years, offers an inside look at the vessel’s operations along with exciting experiences aboard the popular cruise boat. Read about legendary jazz bands and famous musicians, including Louie Armstrong, Johynny Polzin and Bob Kuban who helped build the vessel’s reputation for fine music. Usually same- or second-day shipping!

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Letter to a New President by U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd Letter to a New President: Commonsense Lessons for Our New Leader by U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd with Steve Kettmann
192 pages. Hard cover/ Nonfiction. The late Sen. Robert C. Byrd, longest serving member of the U.S. Senate (54 years), died June 28, 2010. In Letter To A New President, he "draws on a lifetime of experience to offer a guiding hand to our country’s next Commander in Chief". Sen. Byrd was known among industry leaders as a "Waterways Champion." He was deeply involved for many years in water resource development, and the Locks and Dam at Gallipolis Ferry, WV, were named after him. These books are made available to Little River Books via a special purchase and are offered at a considerable price reduction. Usually same- or second-day shipping!

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A Riverman’s Lexicon by Charles F. Lehman A Riverman’s Lexicon by Charles F. Lehman
520 pages. Hard cover. Nonfiction. Lexicon brings together thousands of definitions, anecdotes, poetry, and author’s opinion in a book that is not just a “dictionary of terms” but is filled with good reading. The 10- by 7-inch, 2.7-pound hardback is clothed in deep blue, with gold foil lettering. The format resembles that of a Webster’s dictionary… terms in bold followed by definitions, all appearing in two columns per page. At the end of each alphabetical section are sketches and pictures to illustrate some terms found in the section. And it is in type large enough to make reading easy. Alan Bates, an author of several well-known river books and “Old Boat” columnist for The Waterways Journal, writes, “This book is more than a drab listing of definitions. Yes, indeed! In this witty book the reader will find opinions frankly stated, puns without apology, poetry and slang, and even a sentimental entry now and then. These derelictions of academic duty give Lehman’s Lexicon a rate combination of warmth, personality and unexpected delight that may never be duplicated.” Usually same- or second-day shipping!

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Even at full retail price, this book is still 33% cheaper than many professional books of the same quality!

Reader comments:
   "Beautiful book"
   "Couldn’t put it down"
   "Love the large print"

"You should charge at least $45; it’s worth more than that"
"I thought I knew all about piloting, but learned more in the A & B sections and can’t wait to get all the way to "Z" so I can say I do know it all" (a young pilot)

$elf Publish for Profit $elf-Publish for Profit (by avoiding booby traps) by Jack Simpson
176 pages. Soft cover. Nonfiction. Some illustrations. This no-nonsense book, written by an author with more than half a century of experience in journalism, including books, newspapers, magazines and photography as well as publishing, is designed to help would-be authors or those with works in progress avoid the booby traps that can spell disappointment as they try to get their books into print.Usually same- or second-day shipping! Click here for more info!

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