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Kathy FlippoThe Books of the late Kathy Flippo:

As many users of know, J. R. Simpson & Associates, Inc., began publishing the books of Kathy Flippo in 1995. Unfortunately, Kathy’s health began to deteriorate following the death of her river captain husband Pat several years ago. She died On March 11, 2014, in California from complications with pneumonia. I was publisher for four of Kathy’s books, and now am the sole source. As the wife of a river captain whose tour of duty lasted 50 years, she spent much time on the boats. She was a true font of knowledge of the river and water transportation. For those who hope to acquire her books, the three are listed below at reduced prices. Also, I am offering the three-book collection in one package at a greatly reduced price. The supply is limited. This is a great addition to anyone interested in the Upper Mississippi River. Even those who own some of her books now have an opportunity to buy for their children or friends.

Special 2-Book Package Deal!

Special Package Price for Two
Kathy Flippo Books is $30.00!

This 2-book package can be purchased for $30.00 Plus S&H, which represents an additional savings over the individual prices. Package includes Between The Saints: Louis and Paul and Back To Beaver Island. Supplies are limited!

Total Retail Value:

Our Price If Purchased


Our Package Deal:
(You save $19.95!)

Between The Saints: Louis and Paul - by Kathy Flippo Between The Saints: Louis and Paul - by Kathy Flippo
325 pages. Generously illustrated. Soft cover. Nonfiction: Upper Mississippi. This marvelous book is a must for anyone even thinking about working on the river or for those just wondering what river life is like. Author’s captain husband spent 50 years on the river. She spent much time on towboats and tells all (almost). Describes river towns and displays pictures of hundreds of boats. It will keep you turning pages.
This is one of the best books ever written about the operation of towboats on the Upper Mississippi. It is also a good travel guide, pointing out and describing historic sights along the river. Only 5 left in stock!

Our Price:

Back To Beaver Island by Kathy Flippo Back To Beaver Island (2001) by Kathy Flippo
The book is a sequel to Beaver Island Remembered. This soft cover book has 216 pages and supports more than 250 illustrations. In it the author delves more deeply into the lives of those residents of Beaver Island. The author invited all of the surviving island residents and their families back to the island for a get-together. The event produced hundreds of new pictures and tons of new information. Even if you own Beaver Island Remembered, this is a good book to have. The book reveals life on an island that became populated in the middle of the 1800s and remained so through the 1900s. It covers both the good and the hard times.

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